Women of Note

On Sunday 6th November Victoria Welsh Choir did something we have never done before, and would not have been able to do until recently - perform in two places simultaneously (and, for good measure, 150km apart). 

Our Côr Bach were the "friends" in a concert entitled "Women of Note and Friends" in Bendigo, in which we were guests of the Central Victoria Women's Choir.  For a report on this concert, which took place at the Strathdale Community Centre, see the next day's Bendigo Advertiser (who also provided this picture by Julie Hough).

Of fifty audience members who completed a survey:

  • 100% enjoyed the concert
  • 96% rated the singing excellent or very good

Responses to the question “What did you like most about the concert?” included:

  • The men’s singing.
  • Combination of the 2 choirs (6 responses)
  • The way choristers enjoy themselves.  Having Welsh choir a bonus.
  • The blend of male/female voices, the selection of music.
  • Harmonies. Welsh Choir.
  • Seeing two great choirs together.
  • Loved, loved, loved the Welsh Choir men surrounding the hall singing.
  • Skilled conductors leading skilled singers – great result.
  • Addition of the Côr Bach.
  • Range of voices, clear diction, harmonies, atmosphere – loved the extra of the Welsh Choir too.
  • Combination of choirs – magnificent.
  • Harmonizing and those wonderful male voices.

Other comments included:

  • The choirs were excellent.  Everything.  Singing.  Liked all.  Variety.  Songs.
  • I loved every minute of the program.  It was absolutely a high throughout.
  • The men’s choir was a great addition.
  • Great concert! The men were a fantastic addition (but I enjoy the Women of Note just as much!).
  • Great contrast to have both choirs.  Great entertainment.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.  Lovely to join with the men’s choir too.
  • Although I enjoy the Women of Note, the addition of the men gave depth & added to the enjoyment.

For our simultaneous performance in Melbourne see next report.